Roll it or Bowl It

Sushi, built to your specs.


Sushi Fuku = Lucky Sushi. “LUCK” has everything to do with it.

We believe everyone should have a choice when it comes to sushi. At Sushi Fuku, we revolutionize the way people order sushi. We believe making sushi should be fun and PERSONAL — you should be able to create SUSHI the way you want it!!!

We are a fast-casual sushi restaurant offering a unique and fun experience. Stop by and create your own SUSHI FUKU.


Find Us

120 Oakland Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


417 S. Craig St
Pittsburgh PA 15213



11am - 9pm Daily


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New Menu Items


Dynamite Roll  |  $6.90
Shrimp tempura, spicy crab, cucumber, mango, topped off with spicy mayo.
680 Cal.


Caribbean Shrimp Roll  |  $9.45
Kani, shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, topped off with yum yum sauce.
610 Cal.


Chicken of the Sea Burrito*  |  $10.40
Tuna, chicken tempura, crunchy onions, cream cheese, avocado, red onion, with yum yum sauce inside.
760 Cal.


Sweetheart Burrito*  |  $9.75
Salmon, baked tofu, cucumber, mango, edamame, with sweet chili sauce inside.
560 Cal.


Lucky Burrito*  |  $10.65
Eel, spicy tuna, cucumber, inari, tamago, mixed greens, with wasabi mayo and spicy mayo inside.
890 Cal.


The Hawaiian Poke Bowl*  |  $10.10
Two servings of tuna, avocado, mixed greens, cucumbers, green onions, topped off with tempura flakes & poke sauce.
580 Cal.


Volcano Bowl*  |  $10.20
Smoked salmon, half spicy tuna,  half spicy crab , avocado, cucumber, jalapenos, mango, with spicy mayo.     
660 Cal. 


Zen Bowl* |  $11.10
Two portions of salmon, two portions of cucumber, and avocado topped off with sesame seeds and served over a quinoa base.
420 Cal.